Jay Gallant

Fresh from the Island festival

Workshops, theatrical presentations, open mic–Oct 14 to 17

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Kings Playhouse, Young at Heart Theatre, and Desert Island Theatre company will launch the first annual Fresh From the Island New Works Festival, now running October 14–17 at Kings Playhouse in Georgetown.

Fresh from the Island will provide audiences with the chance to immerse themselves in the creative process by witnessing public presentations of two new works by Island playwrights—Continuing Care by Melissa Mullen and What’s Eating You? by Jay Gallant— which will be undergoing an intensive development process with professional dramaturgs from across Canada.

The public is invited to take part in the creative environment with four days jam-packed with events, presenntations, workshops and readings by artists from a range of writing disciplines, including Scott Parsons, Julie Bull, Dave Stewart and Julie Pelissier-Lush. Kicking off the weekend will be a reading of Melissa Mullen and Rob MacLean’s play The Man Who Saved the Songs, which tells the story of PEI poet Larry Gorman.


Kings Playhouse