Free (I Remember)

from Subtle Motions by Nikkie Gallant

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Summerside resident Nikkie Gallant has been quietly working on a new musical project and says she’s ready to share some of it now. As a singer-songwriter, Nikkie has released two studio albums. Her second album earned her three Music PEI nominations, including Songwriter of the Year. She has been working with producer, multi-instrumentalist, and famed songwriter Nathan Wiley to record her third record, Subtle Motions. The first single from the album has just been released. The new single, Free (I Remember), was recorded at The Nest Recording Studio, and is a “first peek” opportunity to check out her new album.

The song is the opening track of her album. Nikkie was taking a PEI history course and thinking about how people glorify the past in various ways. People often talk about the good old days, she says,“but, in those good old days, people were struggling. Marginalized communities had little to no rights, there was a lack of good health care, and the democratic process was extremely flawed.” She said she tends to process serious issues and turn them into pop songs. “I took this nugget of an idea, that sometimes nostalgia makes you blind to how the situation really was. I wrote a love song around it, reflecting on a variety of personal experiences. Depending on the listener, she said, it might connect with the ending of a romantic relationship that wasn’t working, or a friendship or a work environment that had become uncomfortable. Free might come across as a happy song, but Nikkie doesn’t see it that way. “It deals with the concept of an ending that wasn’t necessarily the desired result, but at some point we have to acknowledge that it’s needed. The ending winds up opening up room for growth and new experiences.”

The song features instrumentation by Nathan Wiley, as well as backup vocals by Catherine MacLellan and Drea MacDonald. It was recorded in Summerside, then mixed by Dale Murray, and mastered by J. LaPointe of Archive Mastering. “Free (I Remember)” is available on all of the music platforms. Listen to the song at