For the Love of Sea View

By Hilary MacLeod

A book launch for Hilary MacLeod’s new book, For the Love of Sea View, will take place at the Sea View Community Hall on September 10 at 3 pm. There will be a book reading, a book signing, refreshments and a view.

MacLeod is a prolific author of six PEI Shores murder mysteries, and recently revealed the source of her inspiration: the 30 summers she spent in Sea View, PEI. Her latest book, For the Love of Sea View, is a non-fiction description of life in a tiny cedar shingle house on the North shore. It is published by Acorn Press.

For the Love of Sea View is peppered with stories about the unusual, extraordinary and deeply moving. It is part memoir, part ode to a place she clearly loves. In this, Hilary is very far from alone: the people of Sea View take pride in their past, in their farming and fishing culture, always just a breath away from vivid, vocal remembering in someone’s kitchen or at the hall. And the house, the house that she had loved not wisely but too well? Risen from the ashes, it shakes in the wind, on the high ground over the sea.