Fiona and Alexa and the Time Machine

Fiona Ha

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Fiona and Alexa and the Time Machine is a story by Fiona Ha, a 7-year-old student at Glen Steward Elementary School.

Fiona met Cindy Lapeña through Art ‘n’ Words Studio which operates as a home business where Cindy offers private tutoring, mentoring, and workshops in art and academic, business, and creative writing.

At six years of age, Fiona was Cindy’s youngest private student, with a keen interest in art. That eventually led to an interest in cursive handwriting, then writing, which Cindy encouraged by guiding Fiona through storytelling and dialogue creation. The idea for Fiona’s book was to eventually create original illustrations for the story, which Fiona and Cindy will do together for a second book, already in the works.

A launch and book readings are being planned for the school year. Both books are available on Amazon.