Film PEI project at AITO

Contemporary media showcase of digital art

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Film PEI will present a signature project at Art In the Open (AITO) on August 28 showcasing the works of ten acclaimed digital artists and animators, including Deborah Caitlin, Andrea Dorfman, Tori Fleming, Teresa Kuo, General Khan, Ruth Marsh, Skins workshops, Steve Woloshen and Tasman Richardson.

Epekwitk/PEI’s cultural dimensions will be expanded through the interface of digital and physical—in dreams audiences experience while wide awake. The project includes methods of video collage, internet sampling, stop motion, hand drawn animation, optical printing processes, scratched and painted film, machinima avatars, and taxidermy.

The experimental short film showcase will be projected onto the exterior wall of the Confederation Centre in Charlottetown from 8–11:30 pm.

Followed the showcase, video collage artist Tasman Richardson (Toronto), who will maestro reflections of our relentlessly surveilled world with his performance of “Darkness is to Space as Silence is to Sound”— a 17 minute, live, three-channel AV performance where FM radio transmissions from around the earth are captured and paired to their terrain as viewed by satellite.

The Film PEI signature project is curated by Norah Pendergast.

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