Jahan Bloch

Film 4ward 2021 projects

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FilmPEI recently selected four locally-produced film projects from a diverse slate of filmmakers for the 2021 Film 4Ward program.

Keara Higgins and Sarah Segal-Lazar—Elvira. ​A short comedy about a woman living in a small, rural community who becomes convinced that her chicken can solve crimes. The only problem is there aren’t any.

Jeana MacIsaac and Luc Trottier­—In My Heart. ​Based on a true story, is short film is about the selflessness of a birth mother and how the adoption process can change a baby’s life.

Ronak Nanda and Jahan Bloch—Paradox of Life. ​A short drama about an immigrant healthcare worker, living through a pandemic, on a journey to figure out the new dynamics of life, relationships, duties and dreams.

Mark Sandiford and Millefiore Clarkes—Grandmothers. ​A lyrical, art-based documentary that lends deep listening to, and seeks universal wisdom from, three formidable women elders from diverse communities.

The 2021 Film 4Ward applications were assessed by a jury of local and off-Island industry professionals. Leveraging industry expertise across PEI and Canada, participants will be trained by professionals through a series of workshops and job shadowing opportunities. The four film projects will receive production funding of up to $20,000 and in-kind facilities and services. Films are expected to be shot between February and April, with final delivery at the end of June.

An incubator for film production on PEI, Film 4Ward aims to support the Island’s film and television sector through training opportunities and production funding.