Artist Mitchell Wiebe as video host “Steven”


Confed Centre’s second contribution to national initiative

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The Confederation Centre Art Gallery (CCAG) recently rolled out its second contribution to Canada’s new visual arts platform, FIELDTRIP: Art Across Canada on

The initiative is a direct response to the current challenges of gallery access. It offers a daily web release profiling digital work from over 30 major galleries and museums across the nation.

CCAG’s latest contribution, Group of Steven—painting the invisible, is a curated video work from Halifax artists Mitchell Wiebe and Tim Tracey.

Wiebe is somewhat of a cult artist in Canada, whose “space activations” combine performance and painting-based installations. This duality was celebrated in Wiebe’s VampSites, a national touring exhibition organized by the CCAG and curated by Pan Wendt, which is exhibiting at the Reach Gallery in Abbotsford, BC in 2021.

Wiebe’s Halifax studio, crammed with paintings, props and found accessories, is the setting for this new FIELDTRIP project—an extended “video feedback” reflection on Wiebe’s process and paintings from animator and filmmaker Tim Tracey, in isolation.

In a tribute to early music video formats and Bob Ross-esque instructional shows, the artist provides commentary in the absurd, inept, and convoluted persona of “Steven.”

Tracey’s assortment of forms and colours are reshaped to merge kaleidoscopically with the music and lyrics of Halifax musicians Fantasy Eye. Explore this new satirical work as well as other projects from across the country via the Centre’s social media or at

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