Monique Mainville, Chérine Stévula, Kevin Dodier, Arnold Smith, Andréa Deveau, Isabelle Dasylva-Gill, Chris Jefferey and Darren MacAleer. [submitted]

Festival “Meat Pie”

Do you have the ingredients to win?

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The Farmers’ Bank of Rustico & Doucet House Museums present Festival “Meat Pie”­—a brand new festival featuring Acadian meat pie.

Festival “Meat Pie” is for those who believe that they can make the best meat pie in their local area (or maybe even in PEI), those who have a secret recipe of their own, and those who have a family recipe that’s been passed down from generation to generation which they believe will leave Festival judges salivating for more.

Regional competitions will take place in Deblois on September 9, Rustico on September 11, Rollo Bay on September 18, Charlottetown on September 23, Summerside on October 2 and Évangéline on October 7. Each regional competition will feature two different categories of meat pie—Traditional Acadian Meat Pie and Non-Traditional Meat Pie. The first place regional winners in both categories will gather for the grand finale in Rustico on October 15.

Traditional Acadian Meat Pie

This category features and highlights the classic traditional Acadian meat pie. Acadian meat pie goes back hundreds of years and is a delicacy that is still served in Acadian households today. Many Acadians still gather around the table to feast on Acadian meat pie after midnight mass on Christmas Eve or will have it for breakfast on Christmas Day.

Non-Traditional Meat Pie

Imaginations can run free. Nothing submitted in this category is too crazy or wacky. It is designed to let culinary talents run wild and allow participants to come up with their own creation. The sky is the limit and judges are looking forward to seeing the results.

Acadian chef Robert Pendergast will be the celebrity judge for this year’s event. Robert was born into a family filled with storytelling, music, and a healthy love of food. He grew up in Saint Louis in Prince County. One of six children, he learned the charms of the kitchen and the importance of breaking bread with others. His mixed Irish and Acadian heritage exposed him to a variety of cooking styles. Robert spent several years studying and working in kitchens in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto Poland, France and The Netherlands. He continues to serve unique dining experiences.