An Unexpected Series in Unexpected Times

Artwork by Carol Moffatt

Artwork by Carol Moffatt

Presented by this town is small, An Unexpected Series in Unexpected Times by Carol Moffatt will be on view from June 4–September 6 in the TD Art Corridor at the Charlottetown Library Learning Centre.

An Unexpected Series in Unexpected Times is the chronological artistic representation of the emotional push and pull that its creator, Carol Moffatt, experienced during the first two years of the global pandemic. This body of work originated from her long-established daily journaling practice. 

As early pandemic times unfolded, from days to weeks to months to years, her daily entries transitioned from words and phrases into sketches and illustrations, drawing her to create beyond her previous expressions. This ‘urgency’ to create surfaced through the art of rug hooking as she transferred her feelings and emotions from paper to linen and wool. 

This body of work is a selection of the early, middle, and later pieces of her COVID-driven series. A striking evolution is reflected in the work as the mood and tones of the times shift from naive optimism to tumultuous uncertainties. 

Carol is an intuitive artist focused on transforming the intangible into freeze frames that can be seen, touched, and reflected upon. A daily writing practice is at the heart of her process, where awareness solidifies on the page in the form of words, ideas, sketches, and drawings. Her work is grounded in a plethora of mediums including non-traditional fibre arts (reconstructing and deconstructing textiles) through rug hooking, felting, hand stitching and other methodologies. 

An Unexpected Series in Unexpected Times is her first solo exhibition. Her pieces of art are available under the label “Spoken Wool.”