Everybody Wants to Rule the World

By Mima

Island author Michelle Arsenault, also known as Mima, has released her 18th book, Everybody Wants to Rule the World

A former Mexican narco transitions into Canadian life with family, politics, and business while holding tight to his ruthless, criminal ways. Meet Jorge Hernandez.

He may be the king of gangsters, but lately, Hernandez has been the king of lazy. The former Mexican cartel boss starts to change his mind when a blue-haired freak slashes his tires, calling him a climate criminal. He finally breaks out of hibernation when rumors of a new medication said to be for children with behaviour issues is about to become mandatory for all school-aged children. Jorge suspects that the drug is more about making kids compliant and easily controlled, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Who is at the top of the pile of degenerates that are pushing this agenda? Is it just Big Pharma trying to make their next billion, or is it something much more sinister behind this latest plot? Jorge and his gang intend to find out.

Readers do not need to read the entire series to enjoy this book.

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