Gbeck Future Film Festival

The 7th Annual Gbeck Future Film Festival

Date & Time

Friday, May 7 (View All Dates)
7:00 pm


City Cinema, 64 King St, Charlottetown

Cost & Tickets

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Youth, future, and new films! Gbeck Future Film Festival is a competition of original films created by filmmakers from around the world, designed to discover and support young filmmakers. The 2021 edition of the Festival is the seventh annual, and the third to be presented in PEI. City Cinema will host the event again, the Festival will be held at City Cinema on May 7–9 with evening shows and matinees on Saturday and Sunday.

Gbeck Film Festival organizers Alan Lau and Cindy Fan say they are excited to showcase the results from the 2021 film competition. 

“More than 200 films were submitted to the competition this year,” says Lau, “We’ve selected the top 10 percent for presentation here at City Cinema.” 

Produced mainly by young Chinese filmmakers, all the films have English-language subtitles. They are categorized as drama, documentary or animation, and they range in length from three to 110 minutes. Each screening will last about 100 minutes in total. The screenings are themed with different topics such as childhood, the complexity of human nature, and the absurdity of the real world. 

“We invite audiences to ask questions as well”, says Fan.

The screenings close on May 9 with a full-length documentary called When We Meet Under The Same Sky. This film is a story of migrant workers and another kind of explanation about Chinese society. In this film, two different groups of heroes interweave together. They have very different lives and can be interpreted as some of the modern Chinese society tragicomedy. 

Tickets and schedule available at and Reserved seating is recommended.

Films are in Chinese with English Subtitles.