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Friday, February 12 (View All Dates)
7:00 pm


City Cinema, 64 King St, Charlottetown

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PG, coarse language, mature themes.

Dir: Harry Macqueen, Country, 2020, 93 min.

Colin Firth, Stanley Tucci, Pippa Haywood.

“Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci star as Sam and Tusker… making their way cross-country in an RV for a concert, in which Sam is to return to the stage as a pianist… Sam is reluctant as he wishes to spend as much time as possible with Tusker, as Tusker is dealing with early on-set dementia, and is slowly becoming less able to remember and keep hold of his autonomy. Sam, the stoic, attempts to hold things together as well as possible… Tusker, meanwhile, is making his own decisions about what he wants his life to become… For Sam, he is willing to leave behind whatever career goals or aspirations he may have to support Tusker, while Tusker is utterly unwilling to become a burden to his beloved. It is a story, sadly, many are forced to confront in their own lives, and it is brought to the screen in a truly breathtaking way. The love they have for one another is the bedrock of the drama… For both Firth and Tucci, while their talent is well-known, they bring something fresh and new to the drama. Tucci’s Tusker is witty, sometimes quite naughty, but trying desperately to face his affliction head on… Firth’s Sam is truly a man torn between the love for his partner and the fear of growing to resent him as time goes on, while desperately seeking ‘the right thing’ to do. Their performances are the anchor for the film, with the beautifully shot Lake District reminding us all how, when our stories seem small, they can be catastrophic and magnificent to us.” – Jenny Desborough, The Daily Express