Dream Horse

Date & Time

Monday, September 13 (View All Dates)
7:00 pm


City Cinema, 64 King St, Charlottetown

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Dir: Euros Lyn, USA/UK, 2021, 113 min.

Toni Collette, Damian Lewis, Joanna Page.

“Warm, well-paced and a wonderfully satisfying watch, Dream Horse tells the outrageous, true story, about how a group of villagers in a forgotten Welsh town pooled together to achieve the impossible. Toni Collette plays the fiery bartender, Jan Vokes. Exhausted by working two jobs while caring for her elderly parents and lazy husband, Brian, Jan longs for something more… A long-time animal lover with a penchant for rearing pigeons and dogs, Jan decides no matter what her dad or husband thinks, she is going to breed a racehorse… This film merges everything enjoyable about underdog sports films with the spirited working class comedies we all know and love… The warm portrait of small town life, the foray of funny, well-drawn characters, and the simple clean writing means this film delivers everything it promises in the trailer.” – Gemma Creagh, Film Ireland