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Friday, August 2 (View All Dates)
7:00 pm


City Cinema, 64 King St, Charlottetown

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902-368-3637 (Venue)

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Dir:  Heddy Honigmann, Netherlands, 2018, 86 min.
In Dutch with English subtitles

“Rarely has the bond between human and canine been brought to the screen with as much warmth, intelligence and lack of mawkishness as in Buddy, a toast to guide and support dogs that will even move those who have no four-legged friends. Buddy explores the unique relationship between six people and their dogs. Without them, the humans in the equation could not live anything close to a full life. Kay guides paraplegic heavy-metal fan Annabel through doctor’s appointments and crowds at a rock festival. Mister watches over Trevor, a veteran with PTSD and increasingly debilitating physical issues, the way a Secret Service agent protects a president. Kaiko helps paralyzed Erna dress, feed and medicate herself. Makker and Missy allow their blind owners, Edith and Hans respectively, to enjoy the outdoors. Utah helps young Zeb, a boy on the autism spectrum, stay connected. Honigmann has no interest in delving into the process of how these animals were trained… Their skills are a given… Instead, she’s interested in the give and take between dogs and humans, letting the latter speak about their lives and how they have been enriched by the former. But it’s often the wordless moments that are the most effective. Watching the dogs go about their jobs say more than any verbal tribute. After seeing Buddy, viewers who have dogs at home probably will want to hug them a little tighter, while those who don’t might wish they had.”—Cary Darling, The Houston Chronicle