Eiffel Tower music video release by KINLEY

Musician KINLEY released her new ‘Eiffel Tower’ music video this August.

In the dreamy backdrop of Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, the story unfolds between our two main characters – both visitors to the Island, says KINLEY.

“It’s a story about seeking connection in a setting perfect for new friendships. This video has a summer holiday atmosphere of nostalgia, fun and playful moments.”

‘Eiffel Tower’ is the second video release from KINLEY’s third album, Daylight, released in 2022. Prince Edward Island serves as a character, with various iconic locations used to accentuate the visual narrative. This includes landmark motels Anne Shirley Motel & Cottages and Green Gables Bungalow Court, two well-loved tourist attractions, Sandspit and the Cavendish Boardwalk and iconic ice cream and PEI fries at Cow’s and Captain Scott’s Fish and Chips.

“I wrote this song in the city of love, as the lyrics go, before it all turned sour. To me the video gives a feeling we’ve all felt: the depth and complexity of the human experience. Jenna’s empathetic and collaborative approach to directing is complimented by Mille’s ability to visually capture the characters’ innocence and vulnerability.”

“I am very proud of this video and super grateful to work with the exceptionally talented Club Red production team lead by Jenna MacMillan. It may be a three-minute video, but it’s a labour of love from dozens of people that you do not see on screen. I am fortunate enough to do what I love, and to do it surrounded by people who inspire my own creativity is magic.”

To watch the music video, check out: YouTube.com