East Coast Music Awards (ECMA) 2019

ECMA showcases

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ECMA 2019 has unveiled the first round of showcasing acts. They are:

Adyn Townes, Amanda Jackson Band, Barra MacNeils, Blue Rose Code (Scotland), Brandon Arnold, Cameron Nickerson, Carolina East, Catherine MacLellan, Cathy Hutch, Chris Buck Band (EMW), Christina Martin, Christine Campbell, Classified, Còig, Cyndi Cain, Dan Doiron, Dave Sampson, Death Valley Driver, Denique, Dennis Ellsworth, Dion Todd, Earle & Coffin, Elijah Wohlmuth, Elise Besler, Farra (Scotland), Fortunate Ones, Gabrielle Papillon, Gordie MacKeeman and his Rhythm Boys, Grahame Rhodes, Hello Delaware, Hillsburn, Hitman, Ian Sherwood, Jessie Brown, Jimmy Rankin, Jody Upshaw, Joyful Noise, K.U.$.H, Kilmore, Lennie Gallant, Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire, Lionsault, Logan Richard, Lonely Kid, Makayla Lynn, Mallory Johnson, Mark Bragg, Meaghan Blanchard, Mike Biggar, Mike Elrington (AUSCAN), Mitchell Bailey, Museum Pieces, Nicole Ariana, Old Man Luedecke, Orchid’s Curse, Paper Lions, Pineo & Loeb, Pretty Archie, Property, Quote the Raven, Rachel Beck, Reeny Smith, Rich Aucoin, Rosemary Lawton, Rozalind MacPhail, Ryan Cook, Shaun Kirk (AUSCAN), Simon Daniel, SORREY, Sparkee, T. Thomason, Tachichi, Tampa, Tara MacLean, The Blue Lane, The Brood, The Hypochondriacs, The Motorleague, The Once, Thomas Stajcer, Tim Baker, Tomato/Tomato, Villages, and Vishtèn.

The 2019 East Coast Music Awards: Festival and Conference takes place in Charlottetown from May 1 to 5.