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East Coast Hoppers

The Brew | by Bryan Carver

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Tucked away on the winding roads of Donagh, PEI is a small shop supplying homebrewers of all skill levels. Selling bags of grain, hops, yeast and all the equipment you could ever need, East Coast Hoppers has been building a reputation among homebrewers in all corners of the Atlantic region for the last few years.

Matt Bryenton never imagined running a business like this when he first caught the homebrew bug 25 years ago. While working at the CO-OP Grocery Store on Queen Street in Charlottetown, Bryenton bought a lager beer kit on a whim. He enjoyed figuring out his way through the process of making beer, while relishing in the results. It then became apparent to Bryenton that you could make damn good beer at home.

After a few years of making beer kits from various CO-OP shelves, Bryenton moved away from the kits-based brews and started using crushed grains and designing his own recipes. Shortly after, he realized that brewing small batches of beer at home was difficult on PEI. There was no business around supplying brewers with the raw material and equipment they needed.

Bryenton saw this as a great opportunity to help support local homebrewers and make sure that his brewing pantry was never bare. He started East Coast Hoppers in 2017 as an online retail store. This allowed him to build a reputation as one of very few businesses supplying Atlantic Canadian homebrewers with both the raw materials and gear they need to set up their own home breweries.

Homebrewing has long had a strong presence among beer lovers. Many legendary brewing careers have been launched in the home garage over a boiling kettle or at the local home brew shop talking beer with friends. These earlier brewers sought to recreate flavours and aromas they had experienced in beers while traveling across the globe.

With East Coast Hoppers, Bryenton built an online storefront that can fully equip and supply brewers with anything they need to brew the beer they want to drink. A formidable brewer himself, Bryenton is able to guide amateur brewers through what they need to brew the beer they want to drink. As reputation and clients grew, Bryenton was able to add a physical storefront to his home in Donagh to better service Island brewers and mail supplies and gear to homebrewers across the Atlantic provinces.

If you are interested in brewing your own beer, be sure to visit the East Coast Hoppers website at

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