Doubt: A Parable

Sandstone Productions presents play at Watermark in November

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Decades of predatory behavior. Traumatized victims. Re-location of suspected abusers to avoid scandal. A society willing to turn a blind eye out of fear or misplaced trust. Perpetrators are accused. Justice is served. But situations are not always black and white. Some abusers evade punishment; some authority figures are wrongfully accused and have their lives ruined. And others, whose desire and mission in life is to nurture and console, have their hands tied by suspicion, no longer daring to hug or comfort those in their charge.

It is this murky world of doubt that John Patrick Shandy tackles in his stage play, Doubt: A Parable. Set in a parochial school in New York City’s Bronx borough in the mid-1960’s, the play deals with issues and questions that are still relevant today. Is Sister Aloysius reading more into the situation than there is? Are her motives pure? Is Father Flynn guilty of abusing his position of trust, or is he the victim of an emotional witch hunt?

Audiences will have the opportunity to consider these questions when Sandstone Productions stages Doubt: A Parable at the Watermark Theatre in North Rustico from November 6 to 9. The intimate setting will pull audiences into the drama, and they will wonder, who is the true victim here? Barbara Rhodenhizer, Adam Gauthier and Tamara Steele reprise their roles as Sister Aloysius, Father Flynn and Mrs. Muller from the ACT production in 2013, while the part of Sister James will be played by Jenna Marie, familiar for her roles in Boeing! Boeing! and Crimes of the Heart this past summer at Watermark. Theatre-goers will remember Jenna Marie and Adam from Mary’s Wedding, a Sandstone production at Watermark last November.

Doubt: A Parable is being directed by Paul Whelan.

Tickets may be purchased at starting mid-October or at the door.