Dark Sanctuary, Issue #3: 

Love Kills by D. A. Stewart & Sandy Carruthers

PEI’s Sandstone Comics returns to horror with the release of Dark Sanctuary Issue #3: Love Kills, a collaboration between writer Dave Stewart and artist Sandy Carruthers.

This issue finds the romance between teenage runaways Cassie and Olivia growing, while the origins of the ancient evil known as Pharaoh are revealed. Cassie’s dad and Officer Gupta are also getting closer to tracking down Cassie and discovering the dark secrets of Sanctuary. And just what is that hulking figure lurking in the alleyway? 

Carruthers is well known in comic book circles as the original illustrator of the Men in Black comics, and Stewart has been a contributor to The Buzz from its first issue in 1993 through to 2020. In March of 2020, Stewart released Monster Man: Tales of the Uncanny, his first collection of short horror stories.

Sandstone Comics, an indie publisher, was established in 2019, and is operated by Carruthers. Their roster includes Sandstone Comics Presents, featuring the work of original co-founders Carruthers, Robert Doan and Gregory Webster, Doan’s Indestructible, Carruthers’ Century Man, Brad Seymour’s Glory Bound, and now, Dark Sanctuary.

Dark Sanctuary, as well as the other titles in Sandstone Comics line, can be purchased at sandstonecomics.com and at local comic shops.