Dark & Amber Rosin

Courtney Hogan & Keelin Wedge

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Courtney Hogan & Keelin Wedge are no strangers to the PEI music scene. Having competed together at fiddle competitions throughout their childhood, gaining popularity as solo musicians, and then later both joining the popular PEI band Fiddlers’ Sons, the fiddling duo decided it was time to join their talents together for a collaborative CD titled Dark & Amber Rosin.

The CD title refers to the shades of a fiddle accessory but, given their complexion tones, fiddle colours, and playing styles, could also describe these two Prince Edward Island fiddlers.

In true Island kitchen party style, most of the tracks on the recording were researched and rehearsed together around the woodstove of Hogan’s century country farmhouse in the dead of the winter. “We were just messing around with some old tunes together one night and the vibe seemed so Island-authentic that almost minutes later we’re working out how we’re going to put this together on a CD. The project was born from a late night jam session,” says Hogan.

The CD contains a selection of their favourite traditional and Celtic tunes and also contains some vocal tracks from Wedge who also recorded the entire project in her own studio in Wellington. The CD was mastered by Brent Chaisson with cover photography by Nancy Hogan and CD design by Results Marketing.

Courtney Hogan and Keelin Wedge will host two launches for Dark and Amber Rosin. Join them at the Pourhouse, Old Triangle on May 11 at 2 pm and at the Lot 16 Community Centre on May 25 at 7:30 pm.