Cranberry Trails: Stories for Young Children Volume 1 by Roslyn Gregory

Cranberry Trails: Stories for Young Children Volume 1

Roslyn Gregory

Illustrated by Kelly Grey

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Roslyn Gregory of Grand Tracadie, PEI has been writing stories for more than 20 years. Her debut book, Cranberry Trails: Stories for Young Children Volume 1 will be released in May.

The articulate 82-year-old has chosen as her lively characters, “our fine feathered friends and many insects that can benefit … or be a bother,” she said. Illustrator Kelly Grey has enhanced the book with lively pictures of the birds, bees and more.

Roslyn hopes that her depictions of these spiders, rabbits, foxes and bees will enlighten young children when they have that special grandmother to read these fun-loving bedtime stories.

There is no expiry on the desire to be creative, says the author, “My writings make me come alive. I have an itchy hand and a strong desire to write,” adding, “With each stroke of the pen, I get more motivated.” And, yes, this first-time author writes and prints all her stories on paper. 

Roslyn connected with Island journalist and author Kathy Birt to help with editing and guide her through the entire process of getting a book into print. To celebrate, Roslyn will hold a book launch at the Haviland Club in Charlottetown May 28 at 1:30 pm. All proceeds from book sales will go to the Autism Society of PEI.