On the heels of releasing their debut single “Radio Silence” in August, the Charlottetown-based rock band NEBO are releasing their second single, “Conversation,” in early October.

When Neb Kujundzic moved to PEI in 1997 to join UPEI’s Department of Philosophy, little did he know he’d become a songwriter more than two decades later. Even less could he imagine some of the leading musicians in Atlantic Canada joining his brand new band, NEBO (which means “sky” in many Slavic languages).

The band spans three generations —from a young student to a nearly retired professor. They are Liam Corcoran (vocals), Sergey Varlamov (lead guitar), Garrett Sherwood (drums), Cameron Menzies (bass/vocals), and Neb Kujundzic (rhythm guitar). Together they cover a wide range of genres and styles, including vintage rock, rockabilly, blues shuffle, reggae, alt rock, Cuban cross over, Slavic moody ballads, rock and roll, and more.

NEBO recently recorded three singles on PEI, written by Neb, arranged by the band, and recorded and produced by Sergey in his studio, Crabbe Road Productions. 

Listen to the new releases on all streaming platforms and follow @nebotheband on IG for updates.