Common Senseless

Dennis Ellsworth

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Common Senseless (Pyramid Scheme Records) is the name of Dennis Ellsworth’s new album. The album was recorded at The Hill Sound in Charlottetown by Adam Gallant, and it features 13 brand new songs. This is Ellsworth’s 8th album and it picks up where his Joel Plaskett produced album, Things Change, left off. In fact, recording this album began before Things Change had even been released. What began as a monthly recording session for publishing demos quickly took shape as a collection of songs. Ellsworth admits, it wasn’t apparent at first, but about 4 songs into the process he knew they were connected, sonically and thematically.

The album was produced by Dennis Ellsworth, with additional production by Adam Gallant. It features performances by Roger Carter, Alan Dowling, J.D. Hughes, and Adam Gallant. It also features a co-written song by Dennis Ellsworth and Katie McGarry called “Cracked in Half.”

Musically, it moves between upbeat alt-rock, dreamy soundscapes, dips back into alt-country, and touches on folk. Lyrically it’s looking for answers and offering commentary on our current state of affairs, the madly spinning world, these “woke” times, our social media and straight up media complex, our irrationalities, money or lack thereof, how effortless it has become to want to space out and, of course, the most important one of all, love.