Comedian James Mullinger Gives the Gift of Comedy

New stand up special for all to enjoy right now FREE

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A message from James Mullinger:

“This is pretty much the worst time ever for all of us collectively. So rather than try to profit from a time that has cost me my livelihood and so many of yours, I have uploaded my latest stand up special, complete, uncut and in full for you all to enjoy, free of charge.”

Just click link below to watch the show now:

James Mullinger: Almost Canadian

“I have received numerous  messages asking me to do one of those quarantine gigs from my home so I was trying to think of a way I could entertain those in isolation without offering a sub-par show shot by my son in our living room with a reluctant audience of three.

And I realized the best thing to do was to give you all my latest stand up special, shot in front of 5000 people at TD Arena, FREE as a gift at this difficult time.

When watching please bear in mind that a young New Brunswick-filmmaker named Tyler Warren Ellis shot, directed and edited this entire film that was distributed around the world by Amazon Prime and Hulu and on a Blu Ray/DVD box set. 
Kudos to you, Tyler, for making my nonsense look good. 

Thank you, stay safe and, if you can, keep laughing. Or as my 9-year old son put it to me this morning: ‘Why do people keep asking you to do a show for them? You are the least funny person ever.’ ” 

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