Cnoc on Chairs Famine Graveyard

Bríd Ni Mhóráin

A Gift of Éire-land Poetry | Curated by Deirdre Kessler

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(May all who sleep here have sight of the Trinity
21 November 1990)

Cnoc an Chairn sheds its deep peace
Under the encircling hills and heavens
On the streets and harbour of Dingle town
As it blesses coming and going of people,
Changing tides, and boats returning home.

The weight of famine presses on this hillside—
Blight, fever and government indifference
Left a grave mound of destitute thousands,
Without coffin or shroud or any ceremony,
A stone’s throw from their House of Suffering.

Bodies of unnamed pilots and sailors,
Flotsam of war, brought in by the sea
Lay here awhile, near relics of innocents.
A flock of crows salutes over the cross
On the guardian mound above Dingle.

Bríd Ni Mhóráin. Two Tongues/Dánta Nua ó Chorca Dhuibhne, Ponc Press, 2018.

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