Christmas in the Chapel

Laura Farrell

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Laura Farrell will launch a new album titled Christmas in the Chapel November 24 from 1 to 4 pm at the Irish Cultural Centre, 582 North River Road, Charlottetown. This is a fundraising event for the QEH and the album will be available to purchase.

Laura Farrell has been a working musician with the Irish group Guinness since 1981 and has been singing for the Mass celebration in the Chapel at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital since 2012. She says, “The first time I sang there was for the Christmas celebration and so I collected several Christmas carols/hymns to play. These were some of the songs I learned growing up here on PEI, at home and at school. I’ve always loved these Christmas songs and I was happy to be able to share them with those who were attending Mass at the chapel. The idea to make a CD of these songs was born several years ago but I didn’t necessarily want to profit from doing this. I made the decision to go ahead and record the album this year and donate the proceeds to the QEH. It’s my thank you for all the care that they have given to my family and many others for so many years. The experience of playing Christmas music in the little Chapel there is how I came up with the album name.”

The album was self-produced in Laura’s home studio. She kept the songs simple, the way she learned and sang them as a child, so you will only hear one voice. “I did have some fun playing the instruments which include: guitar, bass, 5 string banjo, fiddle, viola and mandolin,” says Farrell. “All vocals and instrumentals are mine and I also did the final mixing.”

Jim Farrell, Laura’s husband and musical partner, helped with the technical side of things, from setting up the studio equipment to getting the desired sound for the project. Chelsea Farrell, Laura’s daughter-in-law, helped with the cover. Her son, Colin Farrell, helped put the CD package all together.