Charlottetown Forum

National event brings together artists, leaders and the public

Charlottetown Forum
[photo by Louise Vessey]

Leaders in politics, journalism, and the arts announced as speakers for the inaugural Charlottetown Forum.

Passes are now available for the inaugural Charlottetown Forum—a national event that brings together artists, leaders, and the public to convene for discussions on matters of importance to Canadians. 

Meeting at Confederation Centre of the Arts next to the site of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference, the Charlottetown Forum seeks to promote open learning and sharing of diverse perspectives about the evolving identity of Canada. The Forum is part of the Centre’s wider revitalization plan, which includes the creation of a national culture leadership institute housing new spaces for the creation of art, cultural learning, and public discourse.

This year’s event features three panel discussions and public roundtables on the topics of immigration, economic reconciliation, and finding shared national narratives in a fractured time. Panelists include leaders from politics, journalism, and the arts. 

“As Canada continues to learn and grow, Confederation Centre of the Arts has a duty to do the same. Leadership is about listening and genuinely considering perspectives other than our own,” says Centre CEO Steve Bellamy. “The Charlottetown Forum is an opportunity for the Centre to demonstrate its role as a convenor for the interpretation of an evolving Canada; at a time of increasing divisiveness, we are providing opportunities for intercultural understanding, and learning from one another, so that we can make real progress on real issues.”

The inaugural Forum is presented and curated by Confederation Centre of the Arts, in collaboration with senior curatorial advisor Devyani Saltzman, a Canadian writer, curator, and arts leader in-depth experience in multidisciplinary programming at the intersection between art, ideas, and social change.

“The Charlottetown Forum is an incredible opportunity to bring Canadians together for important conversations on how we can move forward together as a country,” says Saltzman. “We are thrilled to facilitate these engaging discussions with this impressive group of speakers, all of whom are leaders in their fields.”

The Charlottetown Forum will be held at Confederation Centre of the Arts on November 9 and 10, following the Symons Medal Presentation and Lecture on November 8. Passes are on sale at