KINLEY releases new music video

“Charlotte” is the third music video released from KINLEY’s album Daylight (2022). The song was co-written with Carleton Stone and Colin Buchanan as part of Music PEI’s Song Conference. The video was directed by Jenna MacMillan and edited by Millefiore Clarkes.

Set in Charlottetown’s Baba’s Lounge, “Charlotte” takes viewers on a mesmerising journey through the midnight hour, a time when desires often entice people towards the nightcap they crave but do not necessarily need. The evocative imagery and KINLEY’s haunting vocals converge to create a narrative that resonates on a visceral level. 

“‘Charlotte’ is a reflection of the intoxicating power certain elements from our past can hold over us,” says KINLEY. “It’s about the internal struggle between succumbing to familiar temptations and finding the strength to break free. The video’s setting in a smoky bar after midnight symbolizes that bewitching moment of choice and the captivating dance we engage in with our own desires.”

KINLEY is an innovative artist known for her emotive songwriting and ethereal vocals. Her music explores the complexities of human emotions, offering listeners a deeply resonant experience. She is a multiple MPEI and ECMA Award-winning artist, known for her songwriting and as a recording musician, and as an advocate for women’s rights.