A Tale of Two Cities

RENTFlorence Simmons Performance HallApril 11, 2024 In publicizing its revival of the late Jonathan Larson’s 1996 musical RENT, ACT (A Community Theatre) has noted how modern PEI’s homelessness problem echoes…

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So much light

Radium GirlsUPEI Performing Arts CentreMarch 14, 2024 “So much light.” Spoken by a doomed Grace Fryer about her factory workplace, that’s the first line of Radium Girls, U.S. playwright D.W.…

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Small screen, big hearts


I’m not an overtly emotional humanoid—asked for her one-word first impression of me from when we met, my wife said “robotic”—but a surprisingly sentimental heart beats somewhere deep beneath my…

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A sweet storybook

Photo by Rob Laughter [Unsplash.com]

The Gift of the Magi and Other Festive Stories to Warm the HeartWatermark Theatre, North RusticoDecember 15, 2023 I’ve always liked holiday variety packs: the late, great Life Savers Sweet…

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A super TV Christmas

Photo by Chad Madden [Unsplash.com]

Superheroes aren’t the most traditional Christmas concept, but seasonal TV is full of them. For 12 super days of Christmas, check out these dozen heroic holiday gems… Batman: The Animated…

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Those Who Wait

West MoonWatermark Theatre, North RusticoOctober 28, 2023 I’d heard of West Moon­—one of the few stage plays penned by storied Newfoundland poet, author and academic Al Pittman (1940-2001)—but I’d neither…

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A Lobster Tale

Who’s Yer Father?Film review by Sean McQuaidCineplex, November 11, 2023 “When I start out to make a fool of myself, there’s very little can stop me,” says Michael O’Hara, the…

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Generation Gash

Letters to My Grandma Watermark Theatre, North Rustico October 18, 2023 Indo-Canadian artist Anusree Roy has been a producer, director, film/television screenwriter, university professor and opera librettist; but before all…

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Darkest Twilight

Photo by Szabo Janos [Unsplash.com]

As Halloween creeps ever closer, October is the perfect time to sample some dark TV… especially sci-fi/horror/fantasy anthologies like The Outer Limits, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Night Gallery…

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All the right moves

Island Fringe Festival 2023 Havenwood, Charlottetown August 5, 2023 One of the finer additions to Island Fringe Festival (IFF) venues in recent years is the Havenwood Dance Studio: downtown location,…

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