Casey Koyczan [Photo Shayna Johnson]

Casey Koyczan exhibit

Media installation by Tlicho-Dene artist Casey Koyczan

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A new media installation recently developed by Tlicho-Dene artist Casey Koyczan opened at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery (CCAG) in October.

nayiìhtła ; light is Koyczan’s first exhibition on PEI, and he will undertake a week-long residency at CCAG. Originally from Yellowknife, YT and now based in Winnipeg, MB, Koyczan recently received his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba. His approach is rooted in new media, with his work combining traditional art practices with digital realities.

“This is how we are all experiencing the world now, so it is refreshing to see work that starts from the premise that the digital and the ‘real’ are always overlapping one another,” says CCAG Curator Pan Wendt.

In nayiìhtła ; light, the artist combines two looped digital multimedia pieces with the unique characteristics of the physical space of the gallery. In the artist’s words, the exhibit “explores the relationship between the digital world and our perceptions of reality by imaginatively reshaping architectural spaces.” Dual-channel projections accompanied by audio soundscapes work together in a changing progression that evokes organic objects, natural elements, and organisms in the real world.

“I couldn’t say no to this opportunity when Pan reached out to me, I automatically said yes,” shares Koyczan. “It has been great to be presented with the challenge of coming up with a new exhibition. I don’t like to show work over and over again, so I always push myself to make something new.”

nayiìhtła ; light will be on display to January 16.