Kate McKenna (left) and KINLEY pair up for one of the episodes

Break the Bias

Podcast series celebrates International Women’s Day

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The PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women’s International Women’s Day organizing committee will bring advocacy and celebration online in 2022 with a special podcast series. Four pairs of exceptional women and gender diverse people will share their experiences and perspectives of “breaking the bias” in PEI. 

Each podcast will feature a conversation between two members of the community who—through their actions, analysis, lived experiences and intersecting identities—inspire us. 

Some of the topics for discussion will include trans experiences, Black Island history, perspectives on Indigeneity and reconciliation, women as caregivers, art, activism, and justice for survivors. 

One of the pairings will feature KINLEY in conversation with Kate McKenna. They bring journalistic skills, community activism, and courage to the challenge of confronting the gender bias that accepts and condones sexual assault.

All of the podcast recordings will be made available on March 8, International Women’s Day—the day we join women and gender diverse people worldwide in calling for gender equity and justice for all. 

The podcast series will be accessible on the PEI Status of Women Facebook page @peistatusofwomen or wherever you get your podcasts. 

Listen. Learn. Light a fire to break the gender bias.