Breadalbane Gallery

August show on the Dixon Road—opens Aug 10

Study for Surrender (detail), watercolour by Silver Frith, 2023

This month’s show at the Breadalbane Gallery opens August 10 with a reception from 6–8 pm.

The August show will feature a series of Marianne Janowicz’s oil and oil pastel paintings of the Dixon Road view from the Community Centre. 

“I travel the road from the Community Centre to my house regularly and have been fascinated by effects of light, changing seasons, weather and stages of vegetation on that spectacular view. Capturing its essence has been a challenge and a delight,” says Janowicz.

The Gallery is a casual community space that hosts PEI artists. The August show will also include works by the gallery artists Silver Frith, Zoe Novaczek, Haley Lewis, Will Baker, Joan Sutton, Denise Livingstone, Brianna Longuepee, Adrianna Chandler, Laura Bain and others. 

New artists are welcome. Email to submit photos of work.

Located at 4023 Dixon Road, the Gallery is open Tuesday (11 am–3 pm), Wednesday (9 am–1 pm), Thursday (4–8 pm), or by request (303-8333,