Book relesase: Mysie

By Norbert Stewart

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At the age of eight, Marjorie “Mysie” MacDonald, with her parents and five siblings, arrived at Scotch Settlement, New Brunswick on November 25, 1836—one family in a group of 40 Gaelic speaking families from the Isle of Skye, Scotland. The wind was howling from the northwest, the temperature was well below freezing and there was snow on the ground. Contrary to what they were promised, there was no log cabin in which to live and no cleared land, food or dry firewood—just 100 acres of cold, dark forest. Forty-eight of their group died of starvation, hypothermia and other diseases before the spring of 1837. But Mysie survived the unsurvivable.

This novel is a legacy to Mysie’s courageous Scottish spirit, strength of determination and unshakable faith.

Mysie was written by Norbert Stewart of Charlottetown and printed by Syntrak Print & Graphics Inc. Copies are available at the Bookmark in downtown Charlottetown.

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