Book relesase: GIFt Horse: Episode III—Revenge of the GIFt

By PEI GIFted Genre Writing Group

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The Island’s weirdest genre writers are back with GIFt Horse: Episode III—Revenge of the GIFt, the third short story anthology from the PEI GIFted Genre Writing Group.

From killer cowboys to badass halflings to modern fables, imagination roams when genre writers suffer through winter (and a pandemic) in Canada’s smallest province.

Revenge of the GIFt was launched in November and features the work of Matthew Sherman, Ryan Gallant, John-Ross Fitzpatrick, Shane Colin Mountain, Katie Mac, Jennifer Platts-Fanning, Chris Wilson, Nicola Lewis Kemp, Tanya Nicolle and Justin O’Hanley.

Although the pandemic threw a wrench in their monthly in-person meetings, PEI GIFted Genre Writing Group persevered with their annual anthology. That perseverance paid off for four of the groups’ writers who received awards for their short stories this year. Gallant’s short story “MVP” won the PEI Writers’ Guild’s Battle Tales short story contest. Wilson’s short story took first place in the Island Literary Awards Maritime Electric Short Story Award, with Mac winning second place and Platts-Fanning winning third place in that category.

Edited by Gallant with Katie Mac and Chris Wilson, and artwork by Tyler Landry, Revenge of the GIFt is available on Amazon at

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