Book release: Unidentified man at left of photo

by Jeff Bursey

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Jeff Bursey’s latest exploratory novel is a sharp satire set in Atlantic Canada’s seemingly bucolic province, Prince Edward Island.

Unidentified man at left of photo is a fill-in-the-blanks novel, mercifully free from characters to warm to and absent of tiresome plot points to retain. It features artistic foibles, domestic strife, questions galore and a catastrophic hurricane. The narrative voice veers from mean to genial as it explores whatever topics come to mind and spills into the open what’s been overheard from public conversations in Charlottetown, PE.

Jeff Bursey is a Canadian fiction writer, playwright, and literary critic. He lived in Charlottetown for 18 years.

Published by corona\samizdat, an imprint of Amalietti & Amalietti. Available for purchase from Rick Harsch at

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