Book release: Twitch, the Dog who Loved Carrots

By Margaret A. Westlie | Illustrated by Terry D. Betts

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Selkirk Stories Publishing has released a new children’s picture book, Twitch, the Dog who Loved Carrots, a collaboration between PEI author Margaret A. Westlie of Meadowbank and PEI artist Terry D. Betts of Peakes.

Twitch is a Shih Tzu who enjoys napping in the shade of the porch and playing in the yard. Twitch cannot resist the smell of fresh carrots and when he discovers a way to steal carrots from the neighbour’s garden, his mischief goes undetected until his owner finds a solution—a carrot as a reward for being a good dog.

Intended for beginner readers, the story teaches that actions have consequences and good behaviour brings rewards. It also presents a loving relationship between a parent and a child (represented in this case by the dog), as well as friendly relationships between neighbours, whose differences are settled by conversation and compromise.

The story of Twitch is based on Westlie’s own dog, also named Twitch. The playful and colourful illustrations by Terry D. Betts bring the story to life.

Twitch, the Dog who Loved Carrots is available online and at PEI bookstores.

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