Book release: Tokyo GIFt

By PEI GIFted Genre Writing Group

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From dragons, ghosts and dwarf plants, to small town crime and cabincore gore, the PEI GIFted Genre Writing Group is back with its fourth short story anthology Tokyo GIFt.

Ryan Gallant received an Island Literary Award for his story “The Knight & The Dragon,” which is featured in Tokyo GIFt. Another contributor, Nicola Lewis Kemp, placed third in the 2021 BattleTales competition with her story “#annakin.” Group newcomer Jason Pereira contributed two haunting horror stories to Tokyo GIFt.

Join the GIFted Genre Writing Group for the launch of their newest instalment of the GIFt Horse short story anthology series, Tokyo GIFt, on September 25 from 4–6 pm at bar1911 in Charlottetown. Book signings, (potentially spicy) story readings, a six-word short story contest and general ribaldry will be afoot. All four GIFt Horse volumes will be available for sale at special prices.

Tokyo GIFt is also available for sale on Amazon and at local retailers.

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