Book release: Tick-borne Diseases in Dogs: A Canadian Perspective

by Dr. Michelle Evason

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New research by UPEI professor Dr. Michelle Evason is helping keep dogs and their owners safe. As the geographic ranges of ticks rapidly expand in Central, Eastern and Atlantic Canada, it is important to understand the different tick-borne diseases in dogs and how to treat them. Published by Island Studies Press.

The book begins with an introduction to tick types, distribution, and relevance to dogs in Canada. The following chapters outline the various pathogens that cause Lyme disease, anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis, and discuss clinical signs, diagnosis, and treatment. With easy-to-read charts, risk area maps, a glossary, and extensive references, the book is an invaluable reference for veterinarians and dog owners.

Dr. Michelle Evason is an associate professor in small animal internal medicine at the Atlantic Veterinary College and also works as an independent medical and nutrition consultant. She has a range of clinical research interests, some of which include infectious disease, antimicrobial stewardship, nutrition, and veterinary (and pet-owner) knowledge, attitudes and perceptions surrounding these topics.

The book is being released in conjunction with Animal Health Week, October 4–10. To raise awareness about dog health and to share this latest research, Island Studies Press will be giving away complimentary copies to Island veterinary clinics. Clinics interested in obtaining a copy can contact Island Studies Press directly. The book is also available for sale at Bookmark, the UPEI Bookstore, and online through Nimbus Publishing at

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