Book release: The Flyaway Kite

Megan Aho | Illustrated by Vivian Aho

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Summerside artist Vivian Aho and her daughter, author Megan Aho, published the children’s book The Flyaway Kite in February.

The story follows the gentle tale of a young boy whose homemade kite breaks free and flies away. It seems the kite is lost forever but after an extraordinary journey, it ends up in just the right place. Ultimately, the boy gains something far more valuable than what was lost.

The Flyaway Kite is ideal for children ages 3–8. Very young children will enjoy finding the little crow hidden on each page of the story. Included in the book are instructions for a paper kite that is both easy to build and a reliable flier.

Author Megan Aho was born and raised on PEI and currently resides in Hawaii. She plays folk music for children for her Molly Whuppie Music Project.

Vivian Aho’s illustrations in The Flyaway Kite were inspired by rural life on PEI.

The idea for the book came to Megan from a childhood experience of watching a kite fly away across the fields. She always wondered where it ended up.

The Flyaway Kite is available at local bookstores and online.

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