Book Release: Terra Obscura: Falling Against Gravity

Geoff and Michelle Genge

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Authors Geoff and Michelle Genge recently released the second novel in their Terra Obscura Chronicles. Terra Obscura: Falling Against Gravity.

Falling Against Gravity follows the same alt history/steam-punk influenced adventure in which Charles Fort, the world’s first supernatural investigator, hunts for proof of what science refuses to accept—the existence of the paranormal. With an eclectic crew of allies and support, Fort travels this breathtaking world at the pinnacle of the Gilded Age investigating classic paranormal cases and hunting for the truth behind the legends.

In Casebook Two, Fort is forced to reconcile his youthful adventures in Aurora, Texas—where he naively investigated an extraterrestrial crash—with the present-day consequences of his blind dedication to the mission. With his life unraveling, Fort must choose between his closest relationships and his goals. His unorthodox team faces mortal threats that span from sabotage to mad science to—ultimately—each other. As the laws of physics are bent and broken, Charles Fort must face his greatest threat to date: his own determination.

Against all odds, the Genges have remained married throughout the editing process of two books and are happily working on Casebook Three.

Both Terra Obscura: A Knock in the Dark and Falling Against Gravity are available in Charlottetown at The Comic Hunter, Lightning Bolt Comics, Indigo, Bookmark, and wherever books are sold.

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