Book release: RED: The Island Storybook

Volume 25

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RED: The Island Storybook will be turning 25 (in volumes) in March.

When they started out, a little over ten years ago, they had no idea where the RED road would lead or how long it would last. To all of the tellers and lovers of stories, the publishers of RED say, “we couldn’t do it without you, and Islanders don’t seem to be running out of stories, so the journey continues.”

In volume 25, RED welcomes PEI Poet Laureate, Julie Pellessier-Lush to tell about her deep connection to the Mi’kmaq drum­—an instrument of great importance to the culture of her community and their proud history.

Another first timer is Bonnie LecLair, who has contributed a touching story about her mother, “My Mom, a Labour Strike and a Past Pandemic.”

Keith Milligan has pitched in with “The Gorbine,” a story about a little known monster that inhabits rural PEI.

Plus, RED will announce the champion of their first annual Saucy Pickle Award for the Island’s finest mustard pickles. Twenty six master picklers took part and one was crowned the Saucy Pickle Champion.

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