Book release: Poison in the Porridge

by David Weale

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David Weale will release his memoir Poison in the Porridge, a story about how wonderful and dangerous it is to be a child, this November.

“The verdict was guilty” says Weale, “Not because of any foul deeds I had committed, but because of who I was. Guilty because I possessed what my mother referred to as a ‘rebellious’ nature. My sentence was half a lifetime in detention.”

He continues, “… in my late forties I was involved in a spectacular break-out and mad-dash for the border—the adventure of a lifetime.”

Weale recalls, “the great escape was harrowing and left me standing dazed and bereft amid the wreckage of what had been demolished; a lifetime in ruins.” Yet, he says he has no regrets but feels he must tell the story of a boy and his rigorous induction into the small, blinkered world of his parents’ religious conviction; of his fall from grace; and of his re-formation.

Happily, this is also the story of a child whose joy it was to explore with bare feet and naked eyes the fields, woods and shorelines of wonder, encountering scenes that would become a source of inspiration in his life, and ultimately the ground of his deepest, most profound knowing.

Published by Tangle Lane Inc., Poison in the Porridge will be available for purchase mid-November from the publisher and at local bookstores. Tangle Lane will have a booth at PEICC’s Christmas Craft fair, Nov 13–15 at the PEI Convention Centre in Charlottetown, for those who might be interested in having it signed by the author.

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