Kinap Legends by Riley James Bernard

Book Release: Kinap Legends

By Riley James Bernard

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Local Charlottetown comic book creator Riley James Bernard released the first printing of his comic book Kinap Legends in June.

Bernard’s story and artwork for Kinap Legends is influenced by traditional Mi’kmaq legends and folklore. It is a story of a Mi’kmaq family sometime in the 1700s, and it takes place in Mi’kma’ki, the land of the Mi’kmaq people, where they thrive and have all kinds of adventures.

“I am from Epekwitk and making comics has been something I have wanted to do since I was ten years old,” shares Bernard. “I grew up in Charlottetown with my grandparents. I never noticed how lucky I was to be with them, listening to them speak Mi’kmaq together. I’m sure they’re proud of my hard work in bringing this comic, Kinap Legends, to life. I make this for my people, and my love of Mi’kmaq folklore.”

Kinap Legends is currently a first issue comic book. It was edited by Jessica Francis, who is also the editor and co-writer of Bernard’s first publication, The Stick Persons, a 160 page graphic novel that follows the small time criminals, Joey, James and Derek.

Kinap Legends and The Stick Persons are published by the Bernard-Francis duo at Shoot From the Hip Comics, an independent comic book publisher in Charlottetown. Copies are currently available for purchase at Lightning Bolt Comics on Grafton Street in Charlottetown.



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