In The Dark by K. Trajanovski

In the dark: The Haemot Saga, Vol. 1

K. Trajanovski

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Prince Edward Island newcomer Klaude Trajanovski’s debut novel, In The Dark: The Haemot Saga, is the first installment in their brand new series published by Pretty Piper Publishing.

Set in the fantasy world of Sorne, this story follows the journey of a young woman named Melon, whose life takes a dramatic turn when her cult-leader father attempts to perform an exorcism on her “possessed” arm. Melon flees from her home, in the village of Patch, pain ridden and lost. Her arm is taken from her by a mysterious girl who vanishes as quickly as she appears. Darlin, a young traveller investigating the Black Church in the centre of Patch, stumbles upon a traumatized Melon. The new found companions journey across the land to find a purpose for their lives, encountering many trials and meeting new people along the way. After an unexpected discovery, it seems that Melon and her new family may have unknowingly made themselves pieces of a much greater puzzle, and the fate of the universe may hang in the balance.

Author signed paperback copies are available at Indigo in Charlottetown. Paperback, hardcover, and e-book copies are available on Amazon.