An Impalpable Certain Rest by Jeff Bursey

an impalpable certain rest

Jeff Bursey

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Jeff Bursey’s newest book, an impalpable certain rest (corona\samizdat), is a short-story collection. Some of the stories are set on islands, some among lonely and dispirited men and women, some in times of war or in an unrestful peace. In these intense, provocative stories, Bursey illuminates the psychological states of men and women and shows their fight against the corrosive power of illusions and their own half-understood natures.

“[T]here’s a great variety to it… The short story form suits his kind of experimentation, giving the results a more purposive and intense quality,” says Canadian literary critic Alex Good.

Bursey is a Canadian fiction writer, playwright, and literary critic. He lived in Charlottetown for 18 years.

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