Book release: (h)in(d)sight 2020

Julie Bull

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Julie Bull’s debut poetry book, (h)in(d)sight 2020, the first in the Spir(itu)al Connection Collection, was published in December 2020 and launched in February.

Julie’s lyrical and whimsical use of language provides provocative ponderings for readers as they are taken on a journey of self-discovery. Part memoir, part manifesto, part musings, (h)in(d)sight 2020 is both an inward journey and an outward call to action. This is an interrogation; a heart and soul voyage toward decolonization. Challenging the status quo and perceived societal norms, (h)in(d)sight 2020 demonstrates another way forward, together.

Growing up in a rural area where there weren’t many children, Julie drew on their own imagination and storytelling abilities for entertainment. They’ve been creating poetry since they could speak.

In March 2020, Julie was awarded a residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in the Indigenous Storytelling and Spoken-Word program. Using skills from their residency, Julie performed and was a top winner at the PEERS Alliance/PRIDE PEI OUT spoken Poetry Slam in the summer of 2020. They also performed in the Island Fringe Festival’s Pounding the Pavement: Celebrating and amplifying artists from the fringe (2020).

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