Book release: Bits and Pieces: Memories Old and New

By Thane J. Birch

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In Bits and Pieces, a collection of short stories about growing up in the Lot 16 area of PEI, Thane J. Birch recalls an era when technology was moving at a much slower pace and folks were somewhat forced to entertain themselves. In short stories such as, “Rocks for turnips,” “The Greasy Donut,” and “The Wonders of Television,“ the author recounts his memories of sports, family, work and travel.

Birch grew up in Lot 16 and graduated from Miscouche Regional High in 1964. He and his wife raised their three children in Summerside. When Birch retired in 1995, he and his wife started spending their winters in Nanaimo, BC. They currently reside at their cottage in Lot 16.

Bits and Pieces was published by Thane J. Birch in association with Crescent Isle Publishers (J. Clinton Morrison). Copies can be purchased at Murphys Pharmacy in Kensington, Coles and Seaside Bookstore in Summerside, Saunders’ Variety in Alberton, and by contacting the author at 432-2339.

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