Aggretsuko by Brenda Hickey

Book release: Aggretsuko: Little Rei of Sunshine

By Brenda Little

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Netflix original series Aggretsuko debuts in her first ever original graphic novel, Aggretsuko: Little Rei of Sunshine, written and illustrated by PEI comic creator Brenda Hickey.

The office queen of karaoke meets her match when Retsuko’s favourite band reunites for a special concert. The Brides of Resonance return, but why do they want to take over the karaoke bar? Retsuko and friends have to fight for their right to party in a METAL vs METAL vocal battle that pits Retsuko against a shadowy enemy. Will Gori survive a night of metal and moshing? Is Haida truly in love? Find out in Aggretsuko: Little Rei of Sunshine.

Published by OniPress, Aggretsuko: Little Rei of Sunshine was released on June 22 and is available in downtown Charlottetown at Bookmark, Comic Hunter or Lightning Bolt Comics.

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