A Tale of Two Fiddlers by Fred MacDonald

Book release: A Tale of Two Fiddlers: The Early Days of Sports and Life in Charlottetown

By Fred MacDonald

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A Tale of Two Fiddlers: The Early Days of Sports and Life in Charlottetown, a sports memoir by Fred MacDonald is now available where books are sold.

Baseball and harness racing run in the MacDonald blood, with all three generations having stand-out athletes in one or both of those two sports. A Tale of Two Fiddlers is the story of the Charlottetown family as seen through the eyes of the oldest boy, Fred “Fiddler” MacDonald. The memoir shares his journeys in the city, starting with his days as a newspaper and shoe-shine boy while attending Queen Square School.

Fred MacDonald is the son of James L. Fiddler MacDonald who was a university athlete and baseball pitcher. He married Patricia Bradley before joining the Canadian Army and serving at the Battle of Blenheim, 1945. After the war, Fiddler Senior worked at various jobs before finding full-time employment with Canada Post until his retirement. He and Pat had 14 children; a crib death resulted in raising 13 children, seven boys and six girls. This is their story as well as the story of a post-war East Coast city and the burgeoning sports teams of the area.

Author Fred MacDonald worked as a writer for several Island publications. He lives in Charlottetown with his wife Gail, where he still writes for The Guardian on occasion.

Stay tuned for an in person book launch with MacDonald, hosted by publisher Acorn Press, in August.

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