Book Release: A Brush With Life

Steven Mayoff

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Steven Mayoff’s first e-book with distributor Smashwords, novella A Brush With Life, explores the creative process with a twist of magic-realism.

The story concerns a reclusive representational artist named Gordian Fray, who discovers that whatever he paints soon fades from his canvas only to reappear as a solid and three-dimensional object. When he realizes these images are indestructible, he paints a self-portrait that will never grow old or die. He allows his doppelgänger to take over his life, while he lives vicariously through it and quickly becomes subservient to it.

Enter Gordian’s former love interest Anna Trang and a bizarre triangle soon develops that ultimately pits creator and creation against each other. While the life-like portrait rises in the world, the artist’s actual life goes to ruin, and yet the two are totally dependent on each other.

A Brush With Life is available as a free download for a limited time at most e-book retailers or directly from Mayoff’s author page at

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